DataOps Managed Services

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DataOps Managed Services

What is DataOps managed services?

DataOps managed services are focused on operating, developing and managing data infrastructure and services according to the requirements of business users, analysts, data scientists and other stakeholders, including, but not limited to agreed SLAs and OLAs.  

Illustrative list of services

  • Assessment and implementation of data platform enhancements, advise on new data systems requirements
  • Constant and continues upgrades and updates ​
  • Data infrastructure availability – SLA & OLA
  • Data infrastructure operations and support
  • DWH / Data Lakes / Data Platforms
  • Scheduling and data routing
  • Data Catalog and Governance procedures​
  • Data Science environment operations
  • CI/CD pipelines and best practices implementation
  • Internal and 3rd party integration monitoring and fixes​
  • GDPR and other regulatory requirements
  • Permissions, policies and access management
  • Monitoring and alerting for problems and performance
  • Incident management and response
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Configuration management and documentation

​Benefits for stakeholders

  • Management team: stable and reliable performance, ROI of data platform
  • Business units: reliable, timely and accurate reporting
  • Product owners: data driven product enablement
  • Data scientists: data and tools to build and run ML models
  • Governance and compliance: effective monitoring and preventive maintenance to ensure that established controls and risk mitigation mechanisms are up and running


We are vendor agnostic while building solutions for our customers. Here you can find some of the technologies we worked with:




Data Platform SLA/OLA

High availability & performance data infrastructure – continuous 24×7 operations without disruptions, high performance, proactive problem solving, data quality monitoring

CI/CD & DevOps & DataOps

Continuous cooperation with developers, implementation and configuration services for CI/CD pipelines: best practices for DevOps and DataOps teams to implement and deliver code changes (including SQL) with frequent updates and improved reliability

Real-time & Event-Based

1st tier support for operational and analytical data platforms and capabilities ensuring business continuity and scalability

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