Data Engineering

Data-driven competitive advantage based on modern Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.

Data Engineering Services

What is Data engineering?

Data engineering services are at the heart of our offering and aim to provide solid technological and governance foundation for your data platform to enable data-driven decision making and machine learning capabilities. Typically, those services cover 3 key stages: data collection, transformation and publishing with an aim of building and operating a data platform built around business requirements.

Illustrative list of services

  • Review and assessment of current data infrastructure, recommendations for best technologies and target solution
  • POC, feasibility studies, implementation roadmap for target solution
  • Assembling your technologies into effective stack and avoiding inefficiencies of maintenance
  • Operating model recommendations and help to deploy it into organisation
  • Data platform implementation based on defined target solution (full or selected components)
  • Migration from legacy to cloud based data platforms 
  • Data pipelines build and implementation (e.g. adding new sources), maintenance and improvement:
    • Batch and Files
    • Native App connections​
    • DB (one time and delta)
    • API (REST)
    • Streaming and Events
  • Performance optimisation and improvement
  • Data quality monitoring solutions
  • Data governance, documentation and data cataloging

Benefits for stakeholders

  • Management team: single source of truth, reliable performance, ROI into data platform
  • Business units: timely and accurate reporting, AI and ML based insights for revenue and profit maximisation
  • Product owners: data driven product enablement, deep insights into product performance data
  • Data scientists: data and tools to build and run ML models
  • Governance and compliance: robust and technologically enabled data management framework 


We are vendor agnostic while building solutions for our customers. Here you can find some of the technologies we worked with:



Data Engineering & Infrastructure

Setup or migrate Data Engineering & Infrastructure: Data Platforms, Big Data, data warehouses (DWH/EDW), Snowflake, Hadoop, Cloudera, Spark

Data Pipelines & Transformations

Development, testing and deployment of transformation (ETL, ELT), aggregation and data pipeline related activities applying best practices for CI/CD

Enablement of Data Science and Machine Learning

Put Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning engines into production, scale and automate their outcome to support real-time business decisions

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